happy go ducky turns 1

June 22, 2009



A year ago from today, I started my first post as a blogger.

2 years ago from today, I was making fun of bloggers.

Never say never.

I’ve had a wonderful year so far being a blogger. I never saw myself as one, simply because I thought it was a little scary opening yourself up for the world to see.

But I love writing so much, and there was no outlet to practise my writing skills. So I decided blogging can be my platform to improve my writing techniques, and getting feedback from people.

And I absolutely love it.

I’ve been so blessed with this blog of mine. Having this many hits in this past year is beyond my expectations. You all have been so nice with great comments on my writings and suggestions to improve it. I’ve made new friends out of fellow bloggers, I’ve even gotten a couple of job offers to write for magazines from this blog, which is extremely great for someone like me.

Blogging has also gained me self-confidence, and some thick skin to shield nasty comments posed at me from random people. It’s really great discovering ideas I never knew I had, which could’ve only been translated from my brains to my computer screen.

All thanks to Sofia, who has been great coaching me on this whole blogging journey, from setting up the account for me, choosing the layout for me and supporting me all the way through.

So, happy one year birthday to ProudDuck, who owes it all to you reading this for supporting her. 🙂

Thanks for everything.