in with the new

June 16, 2009

I’ve been spending way too much these past few days.

So I did the unthinkable.


My heart broke into two, just like the card.

Haha no people, I haven’t lost my mind. As if I was going to cut my well-working cards! That’s just stupid. I mean, what are you going to during emergencies when all your other cards are already maxed out?

I cut this card because I have a new, prettier one.

HSBC has come up with a new debit card, which looks a lot cooler and more sophisticated. So, bye Maestro, hello Visa Debit. Get yours today! God, I sound like an ad.

But it did feel quite good doing a Rachel, when in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, she cut all her credit cards to be independent.


Speaking of shopping, Harrods has a 30% off sale going on until the 21st of June. I have been paying my respects to the green building almost every other day, because I know they keep the good stuff in their stock room.


Be careful with staff who don’t seem to know which items were eligible for discount. I was buying an Elie Tahari top (only because it was 30% off, it was almost crazy to let it go), when at the counter, the lady said this was full price. I, confident that she was wrong, asked her to check again, ignoring her eye-rolling and head-shaking.

She said she was sure. Inside I felt like asking her to scoot over so I could scan the item myself, but instead, I just gave her a sweet smile and asked politely if she could check anyway.

She did so reluctantly.

Suddenly, the green digits on the till magically changed to a lower, less eye-popping number.

I smiled to myself, as if I just won something. I told you so, lady.


It was our 33rd month anniversary a couple of days ago. I almost teared with gratitude when Dean presented me with this.

L1050117A new purse!!!

I always feel that buying a purse is a nice symbolic thing, with hope that he or she will prosper monetarily and not suffer financial hardship in life.

Let’s hope that this is true.