london eye

June 23, 2009

Been here for 5 years, and I’ve only entered the London Eye capsule recently.

It was highhh, and as I approached it, I got nervous.

What if the capsule just falls off? What if there’s a technical problem and we stay there forever? What if the kids in the capsule jump up and down until the capsule breaks? Is that the river down there?!! Are there sharks in there? Or crocodiles? Oh shit. Can I have a lifevest, anyone?


At the top!!


Put me dowwwwnnnn!!


I stayed close to my friend, the intercom

When we got down safely after the half hour ride, I thanked God I landed down in one piece back on Earth. “Phew, we’re down safe,” I said. Dean replied, “You mean, like the other millions of people who’ve been on it? Must be your lucky day!”

Dean teased, “I never thought you’d be afraid of heights!”

“Who’s afraid of heights?!!!”

Heee denial.

Although overrated, the experience is a must if you ever come visit London. Or worse still, have lived here for years and have never been on it!

Some shots from up there:




For the record, I AM NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS! Stella is!

I’m just afraid of the water. I am sea-phobic, that’s why a beach holiday doesn’t consist of a beach. All those fish, sharks (omg heart attack), and tsunami (touchwood), arghhh I’m getting chills.