moon river

June 20, 2009

I think Dean is starting to feel the pinch of us being apart physically, so he has been extra sweet these days.

After dinner, instead of driving home, he took a detour and we ended up by the river. It was like in a movie, with stars bright, and the moon shining, topped with the beautifully lit bridge, and gentle sway of the water in the river. Then we saw something like a mini-oil rig, which almost spoiled the scenery. (OK, maybe not an oil rig because Sofia just gave me a lecture about how dangerous it is, unlikely to be in a public river)



We just kept quiet most of the time, almost like wishing time would stand still for us.

Three weeks to go till our families come and we have less time with each other, so we’re planning to soak up London and travel to discover new things and places with each other. No time to be sad!