Poll 19: Results

June 26, 2009

To all who voted, thanks 🙂

Which celebrity baby do you like most?


  1. Suri Cruise 70%
  2. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt 12%
  3. Winter Harlow 6%
  4. Honor Marie Warren 2%
  5. Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazu 1%
  6. Nahla Ariela Aubr 1%

My vote was on Suri too. She’s so adorable! And it’s weird that I envy a 2 year old girl’s wardrobe!


Others included

Matilda Ledger >> all the babies in this list hehe 1
why would i care about celebrities’ babies n have a preference for any of them!? 1
Matilda Ledger!! 1
i don’t know any….oh except Suri. So I’ll vote for her! haha! 1
my future baby 😛 1
matilda ledger! 1
They are all adorable