June 3, 2009

My facebook status writes

is done with law, done with final year, done with formal education and ready for the real world of minimum wage. Oh hello, bed! I’ve missed you….

Yes, I am done. I can breathe a huge sigh of relief that I went through it all and didn’t falter. None of the papers were ridiculously hard, and if I could guess, my bet for lowest grade would be Company law (pfttt). But I answered all the questions and wrote 15 essays in this exam period, and I need some hand-TLC.

I woke up yesterday, studied for a bit, blogged, and then I panicked. What the hell do you wear to your last exam?! I considered wearing my LSE jumper for the whole LSE spirit, but thought I shouldn’t be so lame. I finally decided on a very cheerful Juicy top and leggings. I’m going to end my student life on a very sweet note.

My exam finished at 5.30 yesterday, and at 5.15, I couldn’t stop smiling to myself. I felt myself jumping up and down in my seat, and I stopped, embarrassed. Behave, I reminded myself. (Someone in the exam hall didn’t and farted hahahah it was quite funny).

I got out, called my parents. When I wanted to call Dean, suddenly I saw him. At my uni. Carrying a bouquet of flowers. He’s so sweet, I almost cried, both because I didn’t expect it, and because I’m just so relieved that I’m done and I had him there to hug.

I finished one chapter, and now entering another, and spent the first moments of it with Dean. 🙂


He took me to dinner to celebrate, and said “You’re not a student anymore.”

I knew that, but it felt weird when someone else says it out loud. I didn’t think anything of it last night because I was so tired, I just wanted to sleep.

But this morning, his words were playing in my head. I can’t believe that was the last time I would take the tube back from LSE. I can’t believe that was the last time I would sit in the chair with that wood table thingy attached to it. I’m going to miss it, I think. It and my buttocks had a great relationship, and my cheeks too whenever I use it as a pillow in boring lectures.

I am not a student anymore. I am a proper adult now. Shit. What now?

Am I supposed to dress differently? Put more makeup on? I can’t wear flats anymore, right? Am I supposed to talk differently? Am I expected to know what a merchant bank is? Or the suffering in Rwanda? Where is Rwanda?

Umm, is there a course I can take for this transition?