burnt skin

July 15, 2009

It’s been a day that my parents are here and it’s just so nice to be with family again.

They were too tired to walk around on their first day, so yesterday was a staying-in day. My mom was busy fixing her face on my laptop to watch Malay dramas that she missed whilst on the flight (pfttt) and my dad was hogging the TV watching men box each other in a ring, while others cheer on stupidly encouraging one to kill the other.

Why is boxing a sport anyway?!!? It’s violent! And people complain about crime rates when the public can just switch on the boxing channel to get tips on how to smash one another.

So, since both of them occupied my 2 lifelines (my laptop and Joe the TV), I was left with nothing to do but whine at them to pay attention to me.

“I thought you’re here for meeeeee!”

Ignored by both of them who were engrossed with their gadgets (my gadgets actually!), I just sighed.

I looked to my right and saw a Scrabble board game lying there. Hmmm.

I took it out and started setting up the game. “Fine, I’ll just play this by myself.”

Finally, both gave in and started to notice their lonely daughter lying on the floor in front of them, playing Scrabble by herself. We played a game of Scrabble and I realised how bad I was at the game.


I wasn’t even bothered to have a recount, because there’s just no hope for me to beat my parents at stringing letters together.

Whatever, I would’ve won if they accepted that “QI” is a word!

It is a word!

Picture 9

But noooooo, Dictionary.com is wrong because mom and dad say so, that’s why!

On top of losing badly at Scrabble, I also burnt my skin while taking out food from the hot oven. A blister developed on the scar too.

My mom was all like “Don’t poke it ok! Just let it heal by itself.”

Well, the blister’s gone now. “Oh I don’t know where it went. It must have decided to go away,” I lied.


Graduation is this Friday!!! What to do?!! I’ve tried slapping on toothpaste, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

I guess I’ll just have to receive my scroll on stage looking like I self-mutilate because I didn’t get 1st class.