bye bye miniskirts

July 16, 2009

One morning, my dad pulled me to the side to “sit down there” because “we need to have a talk“.

Oh. No. What did I do now?!

“You know, now you’re an adult, going to the real world. No more of this student life, no more of the student kind of fun. You have to be more mature, and think outside the box now and make good decisions….. Insert some more depressing words here that can last for half an hour.….So you know you have to change your mentality. But you’ve also got to do something about your wardrobe.”

I woke up. WHOAAAA don’t touch my wardrobe! Hehe

“You cannot wear clothes that show your breast and wear short skirts so everybody knows the contours of your legs. Cover them up so people respect you more. Why do you want to be like everybody else? Fashion here and there. Fashion doesn’t last, you have to protect your dignity.”

I can do without the low-cut tops and miniskirts. I don’t even dare wear them in KL out of respect to my race and religion (OK, and because my mom makes noise too).

But half my wardobe consists of sleveless tops.

“Umm, can I still wear sleveless?”

“Why you want to show your armpits to the world?! I give you money not to buy half-clothes! I give you money to cover your body up, to buy decent clothes. How sad must a father feel to see his daughter in non-clothes, as if he hasn’t got enough money to clothe her!”

OK, good sign. He didn’t say no.

“So now, you have to decide for yourself what you want to do with your life. I can only tell you, but you have your own brain. Whether or not you want to listen to me, who’s been here longer than you, who knows a lot more than you, who has raised you up for 21 years.”

Ahhhh my brain tells me that I should listen to you. Or else!


Well, truth be told, I’ve prepared for this “adulthood” era, even before this “talk”.

I was never planning to wear skimpy stuff anymore, as I’ve left that behind in my student years. I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with clothes, experimenting with short hems and cleavage-showing-rape-inducing tops.

Now, I’ll be working and I really don’t want to give out that kind of image to my colleagues, most of them half a century old. Also, carrying the “Malay girl” title, I better look the part.

Over the last month, I’ve sold all my miniskirts and tube dresses to clear my wardrobe and make room for suits and other boring stuff. Now, my wardrobe is quite decent and prostitute-free (as my dad would say) and I’ve even made lots of money out of it.

I went shopping the other day and bought a pair of J Brand Love Story jeans. Then, I realised that I probably won’t have the time to wear jeans! I already have a closet full of jeans, but I’ll only have 2 days of the week to wear them all! The other 5 days I’ll probably be wrapped in black trousers and a shirt!

So, I returned the jeans with a heavy heart.

I went to Topshop and with that money I gained, I managed to buy 4 pairs of trousers; grey, navy, black slim, and black wide leg. I always buy trousers from Topshop because they have the best cut and a big selection to choose from, all of which up-to-trend and not the usual boring straight cut. And best of all, cheap too!

Well, things won’t be as fun from now on. But I’ve got to grow up and leave my fun student days behind. Besides, it’s not like women can’t be fashionable in work clothes! I need to do more research on that.

Plus, there’s always office parties and black tie events to dress up for. Every month! OK, once a year? Once every 2 years?!