July 4, 2009

I was so excited yesterday to see cempedak (jackfruit for you matsalehs) in a little Arab shop selling grocery.

Dean thought it was random, but bought it for me anyway because I really wanted to taste it.

In KL, the maid would coat it with batter and fry it, and omg it was so yummy. My family and I would sit around in the kitchen and have tea, and eat that (sometimes keropok lekor – even better!! ohh I’m salivating!) and just chat, while my nephew runs around and make lots of noise. It’s the perfect Malaysian picture, to me.

So I was so excited to see it and hold it. Man it’s heavy!


I got home, and just stared at it. OK NOW WHAT? How the hell do people cut open a jackfruit? Dean says there was a particular way; look at some invisible line on the fruit and cut along it.


So I went on YouTube to look for directions “How to Cut Open a Jackfruit”

I got confused.

So, I thought, screw it, I’m just going to cut it into half.


I just stared at it. What the….Where’s the fruit? Is it supposed to look like that? All mashed together…All I could see were the seeds, Where’s the flesh? Where are the tiny balls of delicious sweet fruit that is supposed to be nicely separated from each other?

I finally decided to fork each fruit out, but it was impossible because they all stuck together.

So, I took matters into my own hands. Literally.


I kept making faces while doing it, because it was extremely mashy and gooey and disgusting!

This felt nothing like the cempedak my maid handles in KL!!

This felt extremely unglamorous too.

Maybe because the fruit wasn’t ripe or I didn’t cut it right or whatever. But my dream of reliving my KL moments of eating cempedak in London was crushed.

Now I have 3 tupperwares of mashed up cempedak (that looks like durian, may I add…and I absolutely hate durian), that I have no idea what to do with.