chanel update

July 18, 2009

If you’re thinking of buying just one designer bag, I would recommend a Chanel. It’s almost always classy, and extremely worth the looks people give you (or your bag).

The price increases very quickly, so if you buy one now, you’ll find it to be worth more in a few months. So it’s an investment, isn’t it? Yeah,just tell yourself whatever makes you sound good and completely not stupid for spending £2000 on a bag.

I absolutely love the Chanel collection this time, because it’s so diverse, there’s something for everyone!

For the elegant dinner party with the Queen:

Picture 10

For the working woman:

Picture 11

For the youngsters:

Picture 12

Picture 13

For the wackos:

Picture 14

Picture 8

Picture 9Doesn’t this remind you of a TV?

For the cheerful people:

Picture 22

For your grandmother:

Picture 20

For everyday use:

Picture 16I was going to buy this because of the unique colour, but I chose this limited edition instead.

Picture 17

After being content with this white one I named “Snowy” (which might as well be named “Grey” now),

I saw this!:

Picture 18Yummm

For the more humble and understated side:

Picture 15

For the extremely humble side of you:

Picture 19

Nobody will know it’s Chanel!