exam results

July 6, 2009

Most of you have followed me through my whole journey sitting for my final year law exams.

Some of you have even taken the time to wish me luck and tell me nice things to calm me down. (Thank you 🙂)

Well, today is the day when results are published online. At 2pm. I don’t know why they make our lives miserable by making us suffer the whole morning.

I, for one, wasn’t going to give in. So, when results were out, I was in Selfridges, pretending not to care.

That didn’t last long, though. At 2.01pm, I was hyperventilating, wanting so badly to know my results.

It wouldn’t show on my Blackberry, so I had to look for someone with an iPhone. I was almost going to ask random people with iPhones whether or not I could use their internet, but luckily we passed by a phone shop.

We went to the iPhone display pretending to be interested in buying one, and I logged into my LSE student account.

I was too nervous to look, so Dean did the honour of checking my results for me.

The page took a long time to load, obviously, since it was a free service.

So, I was like this most of the time.


I GOT A 2:1!!

I’m a law graduate. I have a law degree from LSE, and I’m really proud of myself today.

My results were quite shocking though. Remember my horrible 2-exams-in-a-day experience? I thought I did really well for Family Law and quite bad for Company law. But I actually got a low 2:1 for Family, and almost a 1st class for Company!! My little hand-written love message to the examiner on my Company law paper worked after all!

I was a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get a 1st class, but I should be so lucky I passed!

Stella also got amazing results! Congratulations to her! So it’s really nice that we started this together, and we’re also passing the finish line together, hand in hand! I couldn’t have done it without her 🙂

Graduation ceremony is on the 17th of July.

This is all happening so fast!!

What should I wear?!



Sofia graduated from Law School today. I really wanted to be there for her, but traveling 4 hours on a train just seemed like torture.

I love you, really!

I’ll be watching her graduation telecast that they’ll upload soon though. Just to see her walk for 4 seconds, hopefully with good posture and not tripping!

Congratulations, my love!