grocery shopping part 1

July 30, 2009

One thing I really love doing in KL is grocery shopping. Especially when you’re hungry, you’re bound to buy things you never even knew you’d like!

In UK, I would miss out on the meat aisle because it was non-halal. So, here in KL, I would take my time pushing the trolley up and down the meat aisles, examining the chicken and meat as if I’ve never seen them in my life.

Who knew a supermarket could give me so much bliss?! I was so happy seeing all these colourful boxes and packages of snacks and cereals and other tidbits. I was snapping pictures of Milo as if it was a celebrity. Did you know they have all kinds of Milo now? Milo Cereal, Milo Mocha, Milo Ice Cool. I’m quite confused as to the last one. I’m guessing the Milo turns into ice when you put water in?? Or it becomes Milo ice-cubes? Now, that would be cool!


I saw Honey Stars and I squealed! I used to bring them back for Sofia because they didn’t have this in KL, and because of that, I started to develop a liking for it. Now, I can have it anytime, without having to worry about the stock depleting.


Then, I saw this little section of nuts and cookies and keropok and candy, and my face probably lit up like a lightbulb. Ahhh, I forgot all about this little section!! I used to spend so long choosing and picking, and I’ll end up with 10 plastic bags of junkfood. I squealed with delight as I dashed to my favourite keropok bawang.

By now, my friends have deserted me, faces all red.

L1080109What’s not so fun about grocery shopping in KL is when you’re paying.

“How much?” I ask the cashier lady.

“Two hundred bla bla bla bla ringgit.”

I calmly took out the money, but in my heart, I went “wwwhhaaaaa…”

Man, shopping in KL sucks in terms of the price. It’s not actually expensive (my grocery was about £50), but it’s the number that makes me feel so terrible.

I got so excited when I saw Jelly beans and filled up the plastic without thinking. Guess how much it cost!


I can’t believe this tiny blobs of fat is costing me RM28!! Then, I realise it’s only about £5, which seems about right. Sigh. Things seem so much more expensive here.

Like a Chanel bag in London would be £2000, but here, it’d be RM12,000. Like, who on earth would carry that much cash around?! Is it even possible to put 12K in your handbag, as it would be with £2K? Not to mention the guilt! Would you be able to live with yourself spending a year’s worth of some people’s salary on…a bag? It’s normal for fresh grads to earn £2K or maybe even more a month, but here, earning RM12K a month is for someone very very high up the ladder.

Can’t the government do something about this so that we feel better about buying a bag…or even FOOD from the supermarket?!