last day shopping at harrods

July 24, 2009

I had always secretly thought I was the biggest shopper in the family. But I think that no more. Shopping runs deep in my blood, and it’s no longer a mystery where I get my bad habit from.

My mom.

This trip, she bought five handbags. FIVE…one two three four FIVE!! Not to mention the number of shoes she bought too! Greedy, much?

My dad gave her a chance to go all out because she hardly asks for anything. You should’ve seen her circling the handbags for ages, guilt surrounding her, but her desire was stronger. You could see she really wanted them, but she didn’t want to ask my dad for things. It was so cute.

After a while, I got bored of her “I want it but I pity dad, he has to spend so much” moans, so I went up to my dad and said, “Dad, Mom wants that handbag but she’s too scared to ask you.” He just looked at the bags, nodded approval and gave me his credit card.

See, simple! If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

And I guess it helps if you’re a generally good person who never\’a0demands much. Unfortunately, that seems alien to me.

Anyway, my mom did this everytime she saw a handbag she liked. Powerful skills. Smart woman, that one. Pretend only don’t want, then suddenly, without anybody realising, you’ll end up with five new handbags. Then when one of your daughters points it out, just bulge your eyes out and say “Oh my goodness, did I?!

I’ve been so tired following my mom and sister around shopping. After a while, I just sat on the floor and said, “I’ll just sit here and let the blisters on my feet heal and the blood on my feet dry up.” Of course, they were gone even before I could finish my sentence.


I went to Harrods on my last day in London. Packing can wait! I’m going to miss Harrods soooo much!! I even wore black, which I hardly ever do anymore. I don’t like wearing all black, it’s just too boring and uncreative. So I just added red bag and shoes. OK, and a grey tank top. OK, so I didn’t actually wear all black. But I did feel very sad and gloomy, trying to cherish every inch of Harrods!

First things first. Off to the Harrods Rewards station to redeem any points I had. They were turned into cash so that I could spend it all on my last day. I had spent so much over the last year, but the cash I received was soo little compared to it! Harrods really has the worst rewards system.


I bought stuff, but mostly for the people at home. For the first time, I started to notice things in Harrods. The ceilings, the carvings, the marble.

Did you know they actually showed the engagement ring that Dodi wanted to give (or gave) Princess Diana on the day of their deaths? It was hugeeeee. (Dean actually told me about it, good to know he’s interested in big big diamond rocks. ;))

Did you know they have such an extensive range of Harrods goods on the lower ground floor, perfect for gifts! From Harrods keychains to mugs to notepads to golf sets, there’s everything! I knew I was on a shopping spree for others, but I couldn’t resist getting myself some stuff. What am I going to do with a miniature London bus? I have no idea!

They even have a machine that prints out a big Harrods penny for your keepsake. It’s completely useless of course, but oh well. My sister and Dean embarrassed themselves by putting coins in and trying to shake and knock the machine loudly when the Harrods penny didn’t come out. They obviously didn’t see the huge sign “Out Of Order” on top of it.

I saw this huge couch with Harrods teddy bears on them.


I also saw this funny looking…doll man?


While my sister did her VAT stuff, I sat on the couch, tired. I’ve walked so much and I was ready to go home.

I’m not missing Harrods just yet, but I know a day will come when I will be wallowing with ice-cream, longing to hug the green doorman and lie down on the marble floors.