July 9, 2009

This post is for you future chefs/restauranteurs or for you hardcore foodies out there.

Dean was so proud of me, that he swept me off my feet and took me for a pre-graduation dinner at a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars.

It was as expected, extremely posh and I for one almost didn’t understand the complicated menu. The staff had good posture at all times, and were well-trained with manners. They even provided mini-stools with expensive cushion for your dear bags and briefcase to be put on because god forbid the Birkins touch the floor (even though the floor looked clean enough for you to roll around on). Since the restaurant was on the top floor, we had an amazing view of the city.


Since we didn’t eat any non-Halal meat or drink alcohol, the menu was skewed to our limitations. But we didn’t mind. The seafood were exquisite, and since we\’a0missed out on meat, the restaurant was so sweet to give us complimentary seafood appetizers and extra dessert, probably sympathising with us when we drooled over the steak on the next table.

I’m more of a char-kuey-teow kind of girl, and I love my coconut rice, so Asian food is always my favourite.

But since this was a special ocassion and since Dean loves French cuisine, I was more adventurous when he made me try all sorts of weird food.


Granary bread with a choice of salted or unsalted butter


A selection of appetizers; shrimp balls, carrot and orange smoothie, watermelon with some stuff, goose liver sandwich, and some rolled up thing.


Oyster and caviar


3 preparations of lobsters; a lobster salad rolled up in a 24-carat gold thingy (whaaaa…?), lobster glazed with caramel and lobster ravioli with foam


Pan fried turbot with crunchy flat bread


Seabass with artichoke


Something they put on the table…


Cherry sorbet with those fizzy stuff that crackle in your mouth


Pistachio and cheesecake swiss roll with strawberries


Chocolate gianduja with coffee ice-cream, decorated with pears



We ate so much, and were so full by the end of it. Dean proudly shows off his buncit belly. (Mind you, he used to have a 6 pack when I first met him. 2 years and a bit after that, it has now morphed into just 1 pack)



The dinner was amazing, not just because of the food, but because even in such a pretentious and posh environment, Dean and I were still ourselves. We laughed out loud, we made fun of things, we chatted with ease, we relaxed, we made silly faces, we had fun just being ourselves.