packing up

July 28, 2009

I always leave the packing to the last minute. Mostly because I need some of stuff before leaving anywhere, but also because I can’t make up my mind on which outfits to bring.

I underestimated the packing this time. I was skipping and jumping around, following my family around London and into shops until I completely forgot the empty boxes waiting to be filled at home.

I had 2 days left. The return flight to KL was at night, so I thought oh well, I’ll have plenty of time.

The night before the flight, we started packing slowly. Gathered things, organised them into sections, reminiscing about good memories when I come across them at the back of the cupboards and drawers. We even had time to joke and fool about, while packing.


Dean, trying on my heels to see if they fit his giant feet

I packed up half of my closet to give away to charity; stuff I won’t wear anymore, stuff I can’t fit anymore, stuff my mom wouldn’t let me wear anymore and winter stuff. My mom saw some brand new clothes with tags still attached, and my ears got a big fat workout by her lecture about my shopping habit.

Throughout my 5 years there, I’ve collected many jackets and coats but I only kept two.


This, because it was a send-off gift from Toots before I left for London the first time


This, because it brought many good memories, and it’s just too pretty to let go

By the end of the night, not even half of my room was cleared out. But it was ok, we still had the whole day tomorrow, we all thought.

My dad came back from dinner.

So, we’re all set to go back tomorrow morning, my darlings?” He comes in, all chirpy.

We all laughed. “Hahahahaha we thought we heard you say tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah, I did.” He said, totally oblivious to our horror faces.

WHAT?!!!!!” we all shouted.

Oh yeah, change of plans. Didn’t I tell you?

For a few minutes, we just slumped, speechless and motionless. We looked at all the contents of every cupboard and every drawer that we took out. They were spread out everywhere around the apartment on what used to be the floor. We cannot do this! There’s not enough time!

My mom went pale. She was going to cry. Heck, everyone was going to cry!

From then on, we packed Speedy-Gonzales mode.

Suddenly, we moved like lightnings. We were a team, each one in charge of different sections. We threw out everything we didn’t want and put the remainings back into the cupboards and drawers. We dutifully followed our mom’s instructions without question. We didn’t dare argue with her once we see the veins in her face ready to pop out.

It was 2am and we still haven’t finished.

Finally, by some miracle, the floor started to become visible and the boxes and suitcases started to get filled up. We started zipping up the suitcases and taping up the boxes. We vacuumed the house and cleaned everything.

We probably had about 3 hours of sleep before we had to get up the next morning. With eyes drooping to the floor, we somehow managed to drag our arms and legs and our hand-carries into the aircraft.

After we’ve had some shut-eyes and recharged our bodies, we were our cheerful selves again. We sat together, talked and laughed about funny things that happened during the trip. We ate together and took pictures in the plane. My dad and I even asked for maggi while everyone else were sleeping, and we slurped our noodles together in the dark.


It was a fun and memorable flight, a very rare moment that the four of us were together again, just like when my sister and I were kids.

I’m back in KL now for good. All the luggage arrived with me, safe and sound. Thank god!


Now, I have a new problem.

Instead of having the right amount of stuff divided between KL and London, I now have double the clothes, double the handbags, double the shoes, double the books, double the everything in one place only!

There isn’t enough space and my room looks like Titanic hit it.

I have a headache just looking at it.

This qualifies for a leave from work right?