Poll 21: Results

July 10, 2009

To all who voted, thank you! 🙂

What would you prefer to read on Happy Go Ducky?


  1. Fashion – 36%
  2. Personal life – 27%
  3. Relationship – 16%
  4. Other – 10%
  5. Reviews (book, restaurant, movie, recipes, etc) – 9%
  6. Sports HAHAHHAHAHA – 2%

Other answers included:

Other Answer Votes
your 1st day arriving in London 5 years back. 2
Fashion coz u’re so good at it. 😀 more pls! 1
more on fashion, less on personal life cause its dangerous. 1
i love all ur entries! u shld stick to what u blogged abt b4 1
current content is great! 1
it lil’ bit of everything above 🙂 1
Anything you write! but more so your personal life hoho. You’re a great writer. 1
less on r/ship, more on bags, shoes, and clothes. 1
u’re a good blogger, this question shows. keep on writing. 1
school life in LONDON. never been there. ur lucky girl 1
naked rich brats 1
i like happy go ducky as it is now. 1
sex 1
Sports. Seriously. Don’t laugh…. 1
all of the above! 🙂 mazzy hereeee 1
dont write too much abt fmly, u nvr know who’s reading. play safe! 1

So, fashion it is!

I never consider myself fashionable, or even stylish in any way. Nowadays, I tend to choose more comfortable clothes, like a tunic and leggings. I even wear flats most days! Gasp…

However, I like to comment on clothes I see on the streets or in the magazines, or even tell my friends what to wear and what not to wear. All the while aware that I make many fashion faux pas myself.

Designers think they know all that, but even they sometimes fail. The most important opinion is not from the designer himself, or even fashion know-it-alls. Instead, it is the opinions of the public that matter because we are the ones who decide whether or not to buy the clothes and accessories. More often than not, the answer is no, because designers nowadays love to make their clothes eccentric, unique thus making them totally unwearable.

Of course we see stars wearing them and having their images plastered all over the magazines the next day. But we have to remember they were probably given the clothes to wear for free, to promote the designer, regardless of how the clothes actually look like. Designers need to make money; they need us more than we need them.

So, before we decide to emulate a celebrity’s style or bring home a certain trend (e.g. skinny jeans, harem pants, big shoulders), we should ask ourselves “Do I look and feel good in this, or am I just wearing this because I saw it in the magazine?”