Poll 23: Make-up you can’t live without

July 17, 2009

It’s time for Friday poll!

This one’s for the girls.

Once, I lost my foundation and I didn’t have a spare one which I usually equip myself with, even when traveling. I refused to leave my house until my sister responded to my SOS texts and came over bearing gifts in the shape of a Chanel foundation tube.

So, I think if I could only live with one type of make-up, it would be my foundation.

But then, I realised that there was a time when I misplaced my eyeliner (later found it underneath the bed) and again, I refused to take off my sunglasses in public.

So, maybe the award of “Can’t live without” will go to my beloved eyeliner.

But then, I realised that I don’t leave the house now without mascara. Even when I’m in the lift, or even out of the building, I will go back inside in search of my mascara.

So the conclusion is that I need my make up to survive. Sad, I know, but true.

I remember Dr Sara Teh (a fellow duck) back home giving me a lecture on how I need to learn to wear less make-up. “Did you know that make-up is the best breeding ground for bacteria bla bla bla...”

Let’s ignore her for a second, and answer this question.

If you could only live with one type of make-up, which would it be?