Poll 24: Clothing in rape cases

July 25, 2009

It’s time for Friday poll! (Well, it’s Saturday now but blame the jetlag)

In my Bye bye Miniskirts post, I offended one of my readers with the phrase “cleavage-showing-rape-inducing tops”. Understandably, she defended females who wear sexy clothes just to please themselves and not with the intention to attract men or unconsciously be targets for rape.

I personally feel that when we put on clothes, we give out messages to people. What we choose to cover our dignity play a role in the image we’re creating for others to see. Although we’re just having fun dressing up, others might take it wrongly and as much as you think they aren’t, they are looking at that bare back of ours.

Although I don’t think clothing is the main factor for rape, I certainly do feel it plays a role. When choosing targets, it’s so much easier and more rewarding to look at a sexier girl than a fully-clothed girl. I’m not ignoring the fact that even covered-up girls can be rape victims, but when put together, a sexier girl is more attractive and irresistible because the rapist can already see it.

Let’s not forget. Rapists are not normal gentlemen. Gentlemen prefer the more covered up girls, they prefer to leave it to the imagination. Rapists just want to rape girls, they don’t want to wait. The less they have to take off, the better.

I could be wrong, of course.

This is a controversial topic, but nevertheless a very interesting one.

Do you think clothing and image play a role in rape cases?