selfridges anya hindmarch basket

July 13, 2009

I rarely go to the ground floor Food Hall in Selfridges, but Dean and I were just walking around and decided to browse through the Chanels of meat and cheese.

Suddenly I saw this!


It’s raining Anya Hindmarch!!

I just fell in love with the simplicity and the color combination that was just spot on. I also loved the fact that it was Anya Hindmarch, that I didn’t think of the practicality of the basket.

If I was still going to live in London, I wouldn’t even think twice about buying it. Hyde Park picnic, hello?! But where can I bring this around in KL? Lake Garden?? I haven’t been there in ages, and last I went (for a jog!!) I saw a used condom on the ground.

Despite the lack of locations in KL to have a picnic, I just had to have it!


Now, it’s just at the corner of my living room, untouched. I have no idea what to put in it. Jewellery? Books?

Whatever, I’m sure I’ll find a use for it one day.

You should get one too, because you wouldn’t believe the price of this gorgeous Anya Hindmarch! They come in 3 different sizes too; 16″, 18″ and 20″. It’ll be great if you can bring it around for a picnic, or even give it as part of a hamper to someone who is worthy of it, of course.

You can even get it shipped internationally here.