Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl

July 25, 2009


I just finished reading the last word from Sophie Kinsella‘s new book Twenties Girl, and I couldn’t help but say aloud “Wow.”

Sophie Kinsella (real name Madeleine Wickham) has always been my favourite author and although her books are very bimbo-I-shop-too-much, you can tell she is a very intelligent author. As a writer myself struggling to find the right story to write about, I admire her sense of creativity and determination to finish writing so many books!

Seriously, where does she get all these ideas from?!!

Again, her latest book didn’t disappoint. Dare I say, this has got to be her best book yet. A lot different from her Shopaholic series, but still a very love-able character (two, in fact) is introduced to us.

It’s about a friendship built between the main character, Lara and the ghost of her great-aunt, Sadie. It sounds weird, but it’s sooooo funny and so inspiring!! It’s also sad, too, at times.

I found myself laughing aloud every few pages, “shhh”-ing my mom when she asks me what’s so funny. I even teared at the sad parts, especially the end.

For once in my life, I’m lost for words.

I have no idea how to describe this book, except “Just Brilliantly Amazing If You Don’t Read It You’re A Fool And Oh My God I Want Her Writing Skills This Will So Be A Movie Soon When Is Her Next Book Coming Out?