americans have nothing to complain about

August 15, 2009

I try not to shop in the UK online sites as much, because they mark up the price so high, compared to US prices.

For example, the T-bags dress I wore to my farewell dinner (of course I cut off the stupid tassels and sewed up the side slits) was$225 from Shopbop. Which would be equivalent to about £140.

Picture 2But when I checked on net-a-porter, the same dress was £220!! They hiked it up £80, almost 60% more expensive than the original price.

Picture 3Or this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. In shopbop, it’s $548 (equivalent to£330), but in net-a-porter it’s £505, almost a ridiculous £200 more!!

Picture 4

Picture 5

Or even jeans.

This Citizens of Humanity Kelly jeans are $150 in shopbop (£90), but net-a-porter sells them at £147.

Picture 9

Picture 8

And it’s not just net-a-porter. It’s everywhere; Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nics, Liberty. It’s just so depressing living in the UK. That’s why I’m so jealous of people living in the US. It’s basically the same digits, but in different currencies!

When I was in London, I just bought most of my clothing from there. Simply because patience isn’t my best trait. If you can wait a week for your items to arrive, then you’ll have no problem ordering from US websites.

Now I’m back in KL. Either way, I have to wait for shipping and all, so I have no choice but to learn to be patient. But there’s a good side to that, because I don’t have to deal with the inflated UK prices anymore. I can just order online from, or, which offer free international shipping – greattttt.

Of course, there’s that little grinch called the customs. Fingers crossed, they overlook that huge box with your name on it.

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