August 26, 2009

Whenever I ask where to find nice clothes and kebaya tops, the Indonesians will say “Biyan! Omg go to Biyan!”

I’ve seen his work in the magazines, and after I finished drooling, I made a mental reminder to visit his shop when I go to Jakarta.

But somehow I never manage to go because of time constraint.

Last week when I went to Jakarta, our schedule was packed with meetings from morning until night, except this one fine night.

I was so excited. I didn’t care what the others were up to; I wanted to go to Biyan.

I was already texting Toots to ask what she wanted, because she too was crazy about the beautiful clothes.

So, I got to the mall and saw the shop.


Weeeee I was so excited as I approached the escalator to go down.

Finally!! After so many years of missed opportunities, I finally get to step into the shop and get some Biyan clothes.

I was smiling as I looked down, already mentally picking out which pieces I was attracted to.

I even thought which ones would look nice on Toots. She can definitely pull off the long dresses because of her height, I thought to myself. Hmmm that turquoise one she would love!

Ohhh that top next to it is so nice!! I can’t wait to try it on, I thought.

I was already picturing me in the clothes as I stood on the moving escalator.

Suddenly, I saw this.


In just a few seconds, they had turned off the lights and locked up the shop.


This was my only free time!! I would be busy working the next day and with the Jakarta traffic, there was no way I could just drop by for a few minutes.

I ran to the doors and peered inside.

There was a lady in there. “O-pen!” I mouthed to her.

She showed me nine fingers, telling me the shop closes at 9.

I looked at my watch and it said 8.50pm.

I showed her my watch.

She showed me nine fingers.

And she disappeared to the back.

I was sooooo sad!!

I just stood there, all disappointed. After a while, I started pressing my nose and palms onto the glass to peek at the clothes.


The clothes were so gorgeous….and I was right in front of the shop….10 minutes before its closing time….and they wouldn’t let me in!

In a few seconds, my heart was boiling with fury and disappointment.

When else would I be able to go to Jakarta???

I walked and walked, muttering unpleasant words about the lady with nine fingers.

Suddenly I saw a departmental store called Metro. It seemed to be the only shop open.

What the heck, I thought, I’ll just go in to cure my frustration.

And I found this brand called Studio 133 Biyan. I found out later that it was a sister brand to Biyan. So I got a little bit excited.

The clothes were simpler, and more affordable (but still not cheap!).



Soft pastel colours, beautiful beadings, flowing chiffon, fantastic workmanship.

I couldn’t resist buying a couple of tops.





I thought they were very practical.

I could wear them with pants to work, or even skinny jeans to go out. And since raya is coming, I could buy matching material to make the bottom skirts.

I was happy. (Well I should be, since my salary is gone and I’ve only been working for 2 weeks)

Very happy.

But I would be happier if I could see the real Biyan line. (As you can see, I wouldn’t boast about my contentment level)

The next morning, I got up bright and early.

My seniors told me the meeting was at 11.

Biyan opens at 10.

I thought about the terrible traffic and the possibility of me coming back in time.

Before I could finish thinking, I was already in the cab, telling the cab driver to drive as fast as he can.

In a few minutes, ta-daaaaaa!!! I was inside the shop…feeling like a little girl in a candy store.

Oh there were so many clothes to try on, so many patterns to admire, so many colours to adore.

But so little time.

I told the nine-fingers lady what I wanted to try (that, that, that, that and that, please), and she was a little shocked with my hastiness.

Unfortunately (fortunately for my next month’s salary), nothing fit. The smallest size they carry is Medium, and most of the clothes just draped loose on me, leaving me looking like I’m drowned in a sack. A beautiful and expensive sack, nonetheless.

Then I tried this on.



The lace, the beadings, the buttons, the neckline, the design, the colour.

Is this what love feels like?

This is how I want my wedding dress (or one of them hehehe) to look like…except I want full-length, with a 5-foot tail, and long sleeves and more beadings. And a 10-foot veil with Swarovski crystal. And a pair of 7-inch Louboutins.

And swans.

(This wedding isn’t going to happen, is it?)

Of course, at the rate I’m earning now, I’ll only be able to afford this in 10 years.

Marriage will have to wait.

For my dress.

P/s: BIYAN has his own website which I don’t find particularly helpful. But click here anyway.