August 28, 2009

All the Muslims in the office stay in during lunchtime, since it’s Ramadhan now.

And since I’m not fasting at the moment, I feel so bad going out of the office to eat.

Or to sneak a few sips of water in the pantry.

Or to munch on snacks and go “Mmmmm...”

Or come into the office with plastic bags of bread, chocolates or canned drinks.

Or to eat Maggi in a cup while chatting with my Muslim colleagues.


They just go “You just wait! When we’re not fasting and you are, we’ll flaunt food in front of you all the time.”

I come into my sister’s office often when I’m free because she keeps a lot of food in her drawer.

It’s lunchtime now and I just finished burping everywhere in her room.

Veeee!!! Stop it!!” She wails, in jealousy.

I will be fasting again in a few days, and they won’t.

Karma will bite me back hard.