dean’s influenza test

August 24, 2009

Dean had a flu and sore throat, and we were all worried thinking of the possibility of H1N1.

No one wanted to go near him.

So, he went to the hospital to get himself checked. The doctor said it looked like a normal flu, but he performed the Influenza test on Dean anyway, just in case.

The doctor poked a cotton swab into his nostril. Dean said it felt so uncomfortable and it was so high up, that his eyes wanted to tear. It didn’t hurt apparently.

I’m guessing it’s better to have a lot of booger and snot in your nose when doing the Influenza test, so that the doctor doesn’t have to go too deep into your nostrils to get whatever he’s looking for.

The hospital called after 2 hours and told him his test result was negative.

Thank God!


But he’s still blowing his nose every few minutes until I feel so sorry for him.

Where on earth did you get this flu from??” I asked.

After I voiced those words, I realised what a stupid question it was.

How would I know?!” Dean exclaimed in exasperation. “If I knew where I got it from, I’d return it.”