family musical

August 23, 2009

I feel that everyone should have some music in their lives. By that, I don’t mean just listening the radio. I mean actually playing an instrument.

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who can serenade you with love songs.

Dean claims he can play the trombone. Lucky me.


I think violins and saxophones are really sexy.


Julian Smith

Vanessa Mae

My dad used to be a band boy, so even with greying hair and wrinkled face, he still needs a daily dose of his beloved guitar.


Whenever he travels to London, he always drags me to Denmark Street, a slightly dodgy musician haven selling all sorts of guitars and music books and DVDs. I get so worried because everybody looks stoned there!

You can see how happy he is when he’s strumming the guitar and you can actually see the music brightening up his face. It’s really nice to see him relax like that.

A lot of old songs are about a certain girl (Suzi, Carol, Fatimah; all sorts of girls have been sung about), so he sometimes walks around the house singing “Oh Norma,” and we’re all thinking who the hell is Norma and why are you singing for her?!

When I was 7, I used to be so good at playing the piano. So good, in fact, that when everyone else in the class were playing a song together, I would do a solo piece and play a totally different song. Hehe I was actually really bad, it didn’t even sound like a song.

Soon, the teacher thought I was such a big distraction in the class and told my mom to take me out of the class.

“She doesn’t listen or cooperate very well,” she told my maid, who used to bring me to the classes and sit next to me while I play. I would be busy pressing whatever I felt like, and she would just sit there red-faced with embarrassment. Hehe. Well, the teacher did tell us to play with our hearts; and my heart told me to press that key, what to do?!


I used to play the flute for a year until I got bored of cleaning the mouthpiece all the time. Everytime you blow into the little hole, steam comes out and accumulates in the flute. So, you’ll have to clean the insides regularly. I found this tiring, so I gave up. Also, coupled with the fact that I got frustrated because the only piece I could play was Negaraku.

At 15, I met my old friend again; the piano. The very dusty piano in my house. I took proper classes this time and took exams; passed a few, failed a few. Hehe. Then I went to UK, so I had to stop. But I got what I wanted already from the lessons; being able to move both right and left hand simultaneously which isn’t as easy as it looks, OK?!

Because I spent 5 years in the UK without my piano, I’m super rusty. Reading the scores isn’t a problem, but I read like a turtle. And forget timing! I can turn a rap song into a slow love song, I tell you. But it’s still so much fun! It’s so exhilarating when you can actually make music, and people actually recognise what song you’re playing.


I just love it when my whole family is around. My sister is the singer in the family, so she would sing while my dad plays the guitar. My mom and I would be back-ups croaking oooohhss and aaaahs in the background, because we can’t do anything else.

But I especially love the new additions; when the room is filled up with music, suddenly there’ll be Little Nephew followed by Little Niece lumbering their way into the room to join the fun. They’re even more useless than Mom and I, so they’ll just sway left and right, followed by some failed ballet stunts.

For me, it’s moments like these that count most.