first day at work

August 10, 2009

Yesterday, I was carefree and young.

Today, I leave that behind as I enter proper adulthood.

I started my first official day at work today. I was feeling super excited in the morning, and was even one of the first to arrive at the office. (Don’t know if that habit will stick!)

I work at my dad’s company, which does construction, manufacturing, developing, and interior designing. Basically, we’re a one-stop centre for any development projects in Malaysia and internationally.

The special thing about us is that we use the IBS and slabs technology, no more the conventional red brick method, which uses a lot of extra material. This new technology is welcomed by many developers these days, and even the government is encouraging it. With IBS and slabs, we manufacture everything in the factory and when you want it, we deliver to your site and basically just arrange them like how we do with Lego.

Stack, stack, stack. In a few days, a house is built.

There are many more advantages of using the IBS and slabs technology (neater, straighter, more precise, faster) but I won’t bore you to death with the details. If you’d like to know more about it, just email me directly.

On top of that, my dad’s passion is property. Right from the searching for the right one, renovating it, selling it; he’s involved in every aspect. So, I learn a thing or two about trading properties, which as you all know, is a very lucrative investment.

I guess my family just likes anything to do with buildings.

I think your first day sets the mood for your career. If you find yourself being curious and nosy and asking lots of questions, people will know that you are serious about it, and you will find yourself actually liking it. Especially because I work for my dad, not many people will take me seriously. After all, I’m only there because of my blood relations; not because I’m a qualified engineer or anything. So, I’ll have to work double hard to prove to everyone that I can do it, and soon, I’ll master it.

I guess working for family has its perks. For starters, I got the job right away – no questions asked. Two, I get my own room. Three, everybody seems to love you.

But it does have its downside.

Firstly, I live with my boss. Every hour is working hour. At the dinner table, at the breakfast table, even when I massage his back, I have to talk business. The expectation is crazy high, the pressure is immense and you can’t be seen to be slacking off and waking up late, even on the weekends. And forget having sick days and not going to work. Ever. The moment he sees you out of bed, you’re automatically well enough to go to work.

Secondly, people pre-judge you. You’re the boss’s kid, for God’s sake. You can take advantage of everything. You get to come in late, go back early, have extra lunch hours, whatever you want – no one will say no. So, to really earn people’s respect, I have to be careful not to abuse my position. So far, so good. I just hope I can keep it up.

I know I’m really lucky to have this job just handed to me from the sky. But I have to keep reminding myself that my dad built his companies on his own, having almost nothing. He raised it to such a respectable level that I just can’t help but be proud of him and it motivates me to see that his blood and sweat don’t go to waste.

I spent today learning the basics of every aspect of my dad’s companies, and talking to the staff to get to know them. I brought candies and cookies as offerings, just in case. Haha.

I learned so much today, but I know there’s a gazillion more things for me to discover. I want to make the best out of my career, and I want to kickstart it in high spirit.

Wish me luck everyone!!

PS: I also realised today that from now on, I will never be able to wake up late. Ever again. Just like being in school again, without the uniform. Can’t say I’m too happy about this.


PPS: As usual, I think it matters a great deal what you wear, even to work. Especially on your first day. I chose a white Paul and Joe top. White because it’s pure and clean, and because it’s like a blank canvas (just like me) ready to absorb knowledge. And it’s extra special because it was a gift from my dear sister. Oh, and my mom’s handbag which I conveniently took when she was sleeping. I have a feeling it’s mine now.