first presentation

August 26, 2009

I want to keep personal life and work life separate, but I can’t help but be excited about my new office and having my best friends visit during lunch hour.

A few of my best friends have visited my office after kidnapping me for a quick lunch (lunch hour is ONE HOUR ONLY, so I have to gobble up my food quickly).

Instead of being interested in what I do, they were more interested in writing me love notes and sticking them all over my room.



And watching me play with a little chick toy that vibrates; a gift from Sofia, naturally.


Pot pretended to be interested for a while. And because she was waiting to be picked up, she was stuck with me and had no choice but to listen to my ramblings and trial presentation.

L1090189“Stop wasting time and start contributing to the company!”

She was the first person I have ever presented the company products to, and I was suddenly so nervous and shy. (And this was a person who has known me for years!)

I looked at the bricks lined up in the office display area and I just didn’t know how to start talking.

Me: Err this is a…brick.

Pot: As I can see.

Me: Err…yes.

Pot was certainly smart because she asked me questions she knew I didn’t know the answer to.

Pot: What’s that? *pointing to a wire sticking out of a brick*

Me: Ummm…some wire thingy to strengthen the brick.

Pot: What’s it made out of?

Me: Ummm…stuff normal wires are made of. Steel, iron, aluminum you know..

I also showed her pictures of completed buildings the company has done.

Pot: Where’s this? *pointing to a housing project*

Me: Umm…*I spotted a Chinese man in the picture*….somewhere in Malaysia definitely.

Pot: Ohh…where’s this? *pointing to a picture that says UNISEL*

Me: UNISEL there la. Err, moving on…..

I gave Pot both a tour presentation and a slide presentation. She gave me a C- . At least I didn’t fail.


She made me realise I needed to brush up my presentation skills pronto! And start learning how to answer people’s questions.

Or at least try to confuse them so they don’t know what to say.

Or at least learn how to answer their questions with more questions.

Person: What is the diameter of the wire?

Me: How big do you want it to be?


Person: Where was this project?

Me: Why, does it look familiar to you?


Person: What are the dimensions of this block?

Me: What are the normal dimensions that you know?


Person: Can you give me the breakdown of the price comparison between your products and the conventional method?

Me: Ohh, I really like your top. Where did you get it from?