first week roundup

August 14, 2009

This whole week, I think I’ve grown exponentially!

Not vertically of course.


I’m learning about cashflows.

I’m thinking of strategies.

I’m meeting all sorts of people and characters.

I’m learning to negotiate and convince people.

I’m learning about the real life!

But what’s also important is that I’m learning to love my money.

For the past 21 years, all I was good at is spending money. Saving money was a foreign concept that I’ve never been able to grasp.

Now, I earn my own salary. No more allowance, no more manja-manja. My dad wants me to learn the value of money and fully appreciate how hard it is to even buy a handbag.

And boy, it’s my least favourite lesson. If this were a subject in school, I would never attend classes.

Nowadays, I don’t go shopping anymore.

Firstly because I have no more time, and secondly, because I don’t even have the mood to enter shops and look at beautiful clothes, knowing that I want to save money for the future. The easiest way to save money is to think you have no money; you don’t even want to shop because it’s just too depressing!

Thirdly, of course, because my wardrobe is overflowing and my maid will get so mad at me if I come home with newly bought clothes. (I have to put all my jeans on a table because I have no more space in the cupboards!)

It’s really amazing! I’m like a whole new person. I don’t even know the new me.

I’ve learned so much in just a week, and I absolutely love working and learning.

When I was still bumming around after exams, I had so much time until I got bored. Now, I have no more time to even think about getting bored! I used to sleep so late, and just read books until I felt sleepy. Now, I get sleepy as soon as I see a bed. A really good cure for insomnia is to get a job.

Due to the line of business I’m in, I get to go out a lot. Meet clients, engineers, architects, contractors, developers, bankers, go to the sites and visit the factory. I’m always on the go, taking notes to learn. I don’t even have time to set lunch dates with friends because this past week, I’ve had lunch meetings every single day!

It’s really a lot of fun, and I’m loving every second of it.

The only downside is that I look so horrible by the end of the day. Droopy eyes, smeared make-up, messy hair, hunched shoulders, grumbling stomach, struggling to drag my limbs into the house.

My poor mom thinks I’m so overworked.

I come home late in the evening.

Moooom.” I manage to slur, squinting one eye at her.

Darling, how was work today? You look so terrible.

Thanks, Moooom.” I mumble. “Is that…is that…a bed?” I lazily point a finger at the couch.

Before my mom can even answer “No“, I’m already knocked out like this.


Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m sooo excited thinking about what to do this weekend.

Suddenly my senior manager looked at me, “Tomorrow we have a marketing meeting at 9am, yeah?” Looking at her face, her “yeah” might as well be an affirmative one, rather than a question.

My head was spinning with questions. We work on Saturdays??? Why hasn’t anyone told me? Who knew about this and didn’t tell me? Does this count as overtime??? What? We work on Saturdays?!!

Oh crap, she’s actually waiting for an answer.

Err yeah yeah of course.” I let my lips make stupid decisions.

OK good. I’m going to the factory after that. Do you want to come?

I study her face. No muscles moving. Hmm…is this a trick question? Probably not, she doesn’t joke. Ever.

My dad was eyeing us from the side. Clever fox, asking me in front of my father.

Yes, of course.” I answered with a smile.

My stupid, stupid lips.