frank the baguette

August 12, 2009

My love for shopping is so much so that I’ll shop for anything!

Clothes, shoes, bags, books, grocery, carpets, toothbrush holder, mugs. I just have to be in a shop. Any shop. I’m not fussy.

My latest obsession is stationery and gadgets.

I was so surprised to see all sorts of cool things in Malaysia. Handphone holders in all sorts of shapes and designs, cellophane tape holder in a shape of a man sitting on a toilet bowl (the cellophane tape is where the toilet roll would be), paper clips in shapes of cartoon, all sorts of funky pens and notepads.

I loved it!! Spent hours just browsing. These inventors are geniuses, I thought.

My favourite stationery/gadget has to be this, though.

Meet Frank the Baguette. (Pronounced Frank, not Frenk)


Frank is a handrest for keyboards and laptops. I was so amazed at its texture. The creases, the colour, it looks just like a real baguette. Frank can also act as a stress-reliever when you’re angry, because you can just squeeze it as hard as you want, and it’ll obediently go back to its normal size.


I’m constantly on my laptop, typing (OK, and online shopping, but that also involves typing out my card details…still typing!). So, it’s normal that I get marks on my wrists and I’m uncomfortable most of the time.

Now, Frank is the solution.


The reason why my wrists don’t hurt anymore…

…and probably also the reason why I’m eating so much bread these days.