generation gap

August 18, 2009

I would consider my dressing sense in KL pretty decent.

Nothing too revealing or sexy. I rarely show legs or bare arms (not never….just rarely). I don’t like it, my parents don’t like it, even Dean doesn’t like it.

I guess I’m pretty conservative that way, and it’s good that I attracted a pretty conservative guy too.

Being in KL means I have to be careful with my image, as I represent my parents everywhere I go.

Now that I’m working full-time, I have to be even more careful not too look skimpy or be seen in nightclubs etc (not like I go, anyway).

Everytime I wear something sheer, I’ll make sure a tank top is inserted underneath.

My idea of a tank top underneath a sheer blouse:

L1070848I think this is decent enough.

But my mom disagrees.

Before I could even put my shoes on to go out, she did this to me.


She dipped her hands into my top and yanked the tank top so hard I almost choked.

If she could pull it over my head to cover my face, I bet she would.

Just when I think I’m decent enough, my mom appears before me and proves me wrong.