August 7, 2009

I’m not a kids person, I really don’t know how to play with little kids. Spending time with the flower-girls at Azz’s wedding confirmed that.

Toots lovessss kids and can talk to them in baby-voice for hours. The flower-girls adored her like nobody’s business. They kept coming up to her and asked her “Why this, why that?” and Toots would have the patience to sit there and explain. One of them bravely came to me and asked me “Why is the sky blue?“. Poor girl just got a weird look from me and never came back.

Whenever someone I know gives birth, we’d all ooh and aah over the newborn. Other people could do that for ages, but I’m pretty much done with the baby after 5 minutes. “Isn’t he adorable?!!” one of them would ask me. “Umm yeah, really cute….so ummm, should we leave soon?”

People can look at a baby for such a long time, and I keep wondering if I missed out on something. Like, what on earth are you looking for in that baby?? Leave him alone to sleep, for God’s sake!

I just don’t know how to approach kids. Yes, they are undeniably cute. Yes, they are incredibly innocent. But that’s it. You’re not their mother, so it’s not like they’ll love you. And I just can’t let myself hog a baby for too long; some mothers don’t like it and are really possessive, understandably. Not to mention the spits and drools all over your nice top. (In my case, the Little Niece’s poop on my shirt)

BUT the 2 exceptions in my life are Little Nephew and Little Niece.

It’s just so different when they are your family. It’s almost as if you have to love them, so you’d better love them. And soon, it’ll come naturally.

I just loveeee spending time with these 2 gems. They make me smile and laugh so hard with their nonsense. They’re probably the only 2 kids in the whole world who seem to not mind me. I repulse other kids, for some reason. Not like I don’t try! When I see a toddler, I’ll open my arms wide for them to walk to me. But they just turn away and run to mommy, leaving me all rejected.

Little Nephew just learned how to string sentences together recently. As cute as it is, it is extremely tiring to talk to him.

Maksu, what’s this?” Little Nephew points to a toycar.

It’s a car.”




What’s this?” Little Nephew points to the same toycar.

It’s a car.”

What’s this?” Again, points to the same toycar.

It’s a car. Now sit down and drink your milk.

What’s this?” Ignoring me, pointing to the same toycar.

It’s a car,” I sigh. This will never end, will it?

What’s -?

A car.”


A car.



I leave him to my grandma.

I really hope I will be a lot nicer to my own kids one day. But at the moment, I am soooo not maternal.