August 22, 2009

This whole H1N1 thing is such a drag.

Wearing the mask is so uncool.

I keep losing mine and having to buy more. Most of which don’t even fit me.

It’s frustrating because everyone else seem fine with their masks.

Dean: Hmmm…something’s wrong with you. Maybe you need to grow a bigger face.


I had to knot up the strings until the mask fit nicely.

Nevertheless, might as well look stupid rather than contracting the disease.

There are currently so many deaths resulting from the flu everyday, so none of us should take the risk of not protecting ourselves.

I’d rather avoid places such as airports and hospitals. Oh, and malls during the weekend. But sometimes, you need to have a life too. So, I guess fun comes with a price; RM2 (for the mask)

Why don’t they make the masks nicer?

Maybe put some pictures or flowers on them?

Or maybe Karl Lagerfeld should design a Chanel mask.

I’d buy it!!


I went on a business trip last week and there were so many surgeon-lookalikes at the airport. It was hilarious! We all looked like lost doctors looking for jobs.

It totally smears my make-up by the way, and it’s so difficult to understand what other people were saying.

Your bag,” my colleague said to me, indicating that my luggage has arrived in the airport.

I just heard “You’re fat” and felt so upset the rest of the trip.