my biggest fans

August 7, 2009

My parents have discovered my blog.

Remind me to send you flowers, you-know-who-you-are.

It’s not that bad. Actually kind of good that they give me opinions and edit my grammar here and there.

But your parents are naturally your biggest fans.


If you make a joke, your friend will laugh, but your parents will laugh much louder and harder and then think you’re the most amazing joke-teller in the whole wide world, deserving of a stand-up comedy show.

If you win a prize, your friend will congratulate you, but your parents will want to enter you into another competition because you are a newly-discovered whiz-kid who deserves a visit from the King, and then bring your trophies in a paper bag to show their friends.

If you have a blog, your friend will visit maybe 2-3 times a week, but your parents will visit maybe 6-7 times a day. Because you are extremely interesting and whatever you write is utter genius and you should publish a book one day.

It’s so cute to see Dad asking me what’s new in Happy Go Ducky, when I know he’s already checked it. Or when I tell Mom I wrote about this and that today, and she replied, “Oh I know, I’ve read it this morning.” Or when I come down for breakfast and get greeted….

How’s our PD today?

What on earth is PD?” I ask.

Proudduck, duh...” Mom knows the word ‘duh’???

Oh…wow…” My parents are not cool, I confirm to myself.

OK, it can get pretty cringy sometimes for me.

I know it bugs them when I write about my relationship with Dean. Worse if I publish pictures of me and Dean hugging or even touching my shoulder with his finger or whatever (because obviously, Mom and Dad, when Dean and I take pictures, we always have a ruler in between us to show that we are exactly a metre apart. We just forgot to bring the ruler that day).

They say it’s not good to show people all this when we’re not even married and how it would not be nice if their friends saw. Well, quit telling them about my blog, then! It’s embarrassing!

But it’s so nice to see my parents supporting me in whatever I do. They know I love to write and they don’t stop me from expressing my opinions by whatever means. They are even, in some weird way, proud of me for having the guts to speak my mind.

For now, they’re encouraging me to keep going.

They even want to contribute with the poll questions. My dad’s questions consist of finance (yawn) and mom will probably come up with “What is your favourite colour?”.

Not hip enough for PD, Mom and Dad.