piece of paper

August 21, 2009

I received my degree certificate today!

I was excited when I saw the envelope with my name on it. Well, to be fair, I get excited seeing anything addressed to me, even promotion brochures about water filters.


L1090144THIS IS IT!!!!

I swear to you, after 3 years, this piece of paper is all you get.

It’s not even pretty!!

“Having completed the approved course of study and passed the examinations has this day been admitted to the London School of Economics and Political Science. Degree of BACHELOR OF LAWS. With Upper Second Class Honours. In the following field of study Laws.”

That doesn’t even make sense!! I thought I was already admitted to the LSE 3 years ago?!

And might as well write, “With The One Below First Class Honours.”

Upper Second Class Honours…pfttt…who comes up with all these terms anyway?!

I even dug my hands into the envelope and moved them around in case I was missing anything else they put in the envelope. I couldn’t believe this was all I got! I even popped my head into the envelope to see anything stuck inside.


Not even an LSE keychain with a “Thank you for studying here and paying us £12,000 each year for making you go for 9 am classes only to find that class is cancelled” message.

They don’t even frame it for you!!

And it wasn’t even a special kind of paper. It’s only like a nano-meter thicker than your average A4 paper.

Man, I can just print it out from my computer!

Just change the logo to “Harvard”.

I was more excited to see this waiting for me at home from my aunty.



The pavlova from Delicious is the bombbbb… I can’t wait to eat it.

I need a plate, though.

Oh…now where did I put that piece of paper?