August 16, 2009

Dean and I paid a visit to my sister’s house today because we missed her kids so much.

We played and played all evening. The kids have soooo many toys and bears. They must be so spoiled for their age.

I never realised playing with Lego was so much fun. After a while, we just left the kids to my sister and we played by ourselves. Dean made a tree with a cake on top. Which was soon ruined by Little Nephew. He fixed it, and a few minutes later, it was ruined by me. Hehe.

L1080858After Dean got bored fixing it, he made a Lego airplane. We were all so jealous and started fighting to play with it.

L1080864Little Nephew was shouting “Gimme, gimme!” yanking the airplane from us.

No!” we shouted back.

He seemed to give up after a while, and then came back with an idea.

Please?he said softly, eyes shining looking up at us, hands clasped together like an angel.

Damn. Too cute to say no to.

He took the airplane from us and laughed out loud, in victory.

L1080869After a while, Little Nephew took everything we played with and we nicely obliged because he said “please“, even while snatching the toys from us.

Please?” Snatch. Evil Laugh. “Please?” Snatch. Evil laugh.

Er…I don’t think he’s getting the concept of saying “please“.

So, we had to look for other things to play with. I took his tricycle and minded my own business, even with the uncomfortable seat. Am getting too fat for this.


A few seconds later, Little Tyrant came and pushed me aside.

Little Niece was around, but she wasn’t interested in the toys. She was more distracted by my handbag and camera. On the right track, that one.

Overall, it was a nice couple of hours playing time with my nephew and niece. But boy, was I glad that I could leave after that and not have to deal with diapers, cries, poopies and drools.

As we left, I took one look behind. The picture was a reminder for me that I am soooo not ready for kids yet.