rachel leigh jewellery

August 15, 2009

Even though I’m poor now trying not to shop unnecessarily, I still pay daily visits to net-a-porter and shopbop.com. Research, if anybody asks.

I’m currently in love with Rachel Leigh Jewellery.

rlShe does such sweet and feminine pieces, and nothing too crazy that no one in the right mind would wear. I was first introduced to her when Dean’s brother and his girlfriend bought me a Rachel Leigh bracelet which I absolutely love! Since then, I’ve started collecting her pieces.











What’s cool about her is the way she designs her rings. Instead of having too many sizes, she attaches an inner separate band which can be adjusted according to your finger size. So, her ring can be worn by anyone; skinny fingers or tubbier ones. It’s especially useful when buying it as a gift to someone.

Picture 2

So far, I haven’t seen any of her pieces in KL yet.

But at the moment with my mission to save money, I see that as a blessing.

(Pictures and prices from Shopbop.com)