remember me?

August 3, 2009

I haven’t officially started work yet, but I have attended important meetings and visits to the factory (will tell you about that soon). On top of that, trying to catch up with family, old friends and busy with the recent wedding. My poor room has been left looking like a tornado, so I’m now focusing on the spring cleaning and restructuring of it.

Even with my hands full, I still manage to sneak in my guilty pleasure; reading.

I bought Investing for Dummies a few years back, and I’ve only started opening the book recently. I am now on Page 5, and I’ve forgotten what it’s all about.

Simply because I’ve moved on “Remember Me?” by Sophie Kinsella, one of her older books.

I went to MPH the other day and found a whole section on Sophie Kinsella; newly published books with amazingly gorgeous glittery covers. I already have all of her books, but because I bought them at different times, some are hard-backs and some are bigger or smaller than the others. I never knew I was so anal, because I found myself wanting to buy the whole collection again, just so I could have the same kind of graphics and the same size neatly arranged on my bookshelf.

Now I can sleep in peace.


Anyway, Remember Me is hilarious, which isn’t surprising. I’m not sure if it’s because my mind automatically associates Sophie Kinsella with amazing books, or the book really is that good.

There were lots of twists in the book, which were pretty predictable as you go along. The ending is expected and cheesy, which I guess would be perfect for a movie.

The story is about Lexi, this girl who had amnesia and 3 recent years of her life were erased from her memory. She was just an average girl, and after an accident, she woke up finding that she is some high-powered director, having a gorgeous husband, a lush apartment, a Mercedes and a huge wardrobe. Of course, things start to go wrong and mysteries start to unfold.

I prefer Twenties Girl, but since the two books have different storylines, it’s hard to compare.

Still a brilliant work from the author!