shopping diet

August 17, 2009

I’ve been very good with my shopping diet.

I have stayed away from shops the whole week, limited access to online shopping websites, and basically not have a life for a whole week.

Then Sunday came.

Oh, bittersweet Sunday.

Toots was feeling down about something, so I kidnapped her out for lunch. It just had to be in Bangsar Village where all the clothes shops are. My ultimate weakness is Zara.

Toots: Do you want to go into Zara?

Me: Nolah. I don’t want to shop.

Toots: Are you sure? *calling out to me, who was already in the shop*

As soon as we entered the shop, my heart beat faster. My legs were unwillingly navigating my whole body into the shop, but my heart was already in the fitting room, asking the nervous guy if he had a top in my size. I decided my heart was a lot more fun, so I followed its commands.

Brain: You don’t need this, you greedy woman.

Heart: Don’t be silly, of course you do! You need more working clothes.

Brain: But you already have like 20 white button shirts.

Heart: This isn’t white, idiot. It’s cream.

Brain (or heart, I’m not sure anymore): Oh yeah lah… cream… nice….

Dangerous point emerging.

Soon after….


It didn’t help that I was with Toots, the President of “Yeah, Buy, Buy! So nice!!” Association.

At the till, my brain and my heart were debating again.

Brain: Excuse me, miss,you can’t afford this. Half your salary already all of this.

Heart: Still got another half, it’s ok.

Brain: Oh that’s good. Just forget about saving for the future, then!

Heart: Eyyy, shaddap la you. These are clothes for work. They’re practically an investment.

Brain: An investment, your head lah. Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sigh, my brain gives up so easily.

Since my Hand is geographically lot closer to my Heart, it always listen to the Heart and readily handed my credit card to the smiling cashier.

The Hand and The Brain; not such good friends. (Write your essay! No. Clean the kitchen! No. Vacuum. No!) Sometimes the Hand doesn’t even hear the Brain since the reception is not too good down there. Some of the messages are also manipulated and changed by the Heart, before it reaches the Hand.

See, it’s not me who set the terms. Blame it on biology.

Whatever it is, I’ve passed the denial stage.

I’ll gladly say it.

Hi, I’m Proudduck and I’m a shopaholic.