September 4, 2009

3-year-old Little Nephew is such a caring kid, caring more about others than himself.

He was standing on top of the chair, trying to get down.

As he was carefully and slowly getting down from the chair, he looked at me.

Be careful, Maksu. Be careful. Don’t fall,” he warned me.


And down he went, and landed safely on the floor, pleased that he was careful (or I was careful? I’m not sure).


On another occasion, he was jumping on the table.

He was having so much fun by himself, laughing and singing.

Suddenly, I heard a loud thump.

He fell down, head first.

He was silent for a while.

He looked up at me. “Are you OK, Maksu?

I wanted to laugh! He’s the one who fell, and he’s asking me if I were OK.

Yes, Aman. Maksu’s OK. Are you OK?

….Uh….No…Aman not OK,” he reported back.

Then he rubbed his forehead and I saw his face scrunch up…he was going to cry.

Uh-oh, here comes the waterworks.

I guess it’s important what you name your child.

Little Nephew’s middle name is “Rahman” which means loving in Arabic.

And so far, he is exactly that.

My sister taught him how to pinky-swear recently. You know, wrapping your little finger with someone else’s little finger, as a symbol of promise or swearing to secrecy.

So I was lying down with him while he drinks his milk from the bottle.

We were testing out high-5’s and I tickled him until he laughed.

Then I held out my pinkie. He caught it with his pinkie.

Promise?” I asked, playfully.

Pwomise,” he nodded.

Promise what?”

He ignores me and keeps drinking his milk.

Promise to love Maksu forever?

Pwomise,” he replied.

My heart melted into butter and probably made an imaginary yellow puddle on the floor.

I couldn’t care less that he had no clue what just happened! Haha.

But all I know is no girl will ever be good enough for my little nephew.

*glares at all the 3-year-old girls in the world*