raya lunch

September 24, 2009

Alia and I were on our way to see Toots at her workplace.

Out of nowhere, the Chanel store appeared before me.

Knees felt weak, drool started formulating.

“Omg Alia, a green bag! I’ve been wanting a green Chanel bag!”

“OK, enough, enough….,” Alia pulls me back to reality.

Not even 5 seconds later, I have my phone on my ear, “MOMMMMM, THEY HAVE A GREEN CHANEL BAG!!”

Mom was more fun than Alia. “Ohhhh!! What colour (duhh?!), what size, what style, is it nice, how much? Ask them to reserve for me.”

It was simply rude not to follow my mother’s instructions. What kind of a daughter would I be?

So, Alia gave in and followed my excited self into the store. I breathed the familiar Chanel air, soaked all of the luxury air I know I won’t be able to afford in a long time.

I came close to the green Chanel bag, and realised it’s quite ugly.


The material is wooly, and it has a black leather strap. It was so not Chanel-like, without the chain straps. I realised what a big difference the chain straps make.

But I do like the colour.

It’s RM9000+ in case any of you want your hands on it.

Realising that I can’t afford anything else in the shop, I sadly left the store.

Had to anyway, what with these 2 party-poopers dragging me out, like security guards.

We went for our Raya lunch at The Apartment in KLCC.

I’ve been there once and I left my phone by accident. Dean called me, and the waiter picked up and said “Yeah, she was in the apartment, eating just now.” And Dean was like, “WHOSE APARTMENT?!!! WHO ARE YOU?!!” It was funny, you had to be there.

Anyway, the 2nd time was disappointing because the food wasn’t amazing. Maybe it was what I ordered; salmon laksa. Sounded weird, looked weird, tasted weird too.

But the restaurant decor was really beautiful.

And the company I had was great.




It was worth the stomachache.

Actually no, it wasn’t.

It was quite annoying having to go to the toilet many times.