September 27, 2009

I have been eating so much this week; still in Raya mode. Eating to make up for the whole of Ramadhan fasting month.

It’s terrible! I can’t wear my clothes anymore without having to suck in my stomach and sticking out my ribs.

Diet starts tomorrow. (So I better stuff myself tonight!)

One of my favourite traditional food (apart from ketupat) is dodol.

Dodol is some sort of Malay fudge or sticky toffee. Made from glutinous rice, coconut milk and lorry-loads of sugar.

These little blobs of fat are so yummy, I couldn’t care less if they’re going to pitch tents and camp out in my tummy.


My whole family loves them, especially my dad and I. We could chew this sticky stuff and will spend some time after that trying to pick our teeth for the bits stuck in between them. Not pretty. Not something you’d eat on your first date.

Dean also loves it and his family makes amazing dodol.

Dean: You should learn how to make it. I like it.

I wanted to laugh at the thought of me making dodol. Because it’s not the easiest thing to make. It usually involves many people taking turns to stir the dodol in a big pot. Due to its sticky state, it’s not like stirring water; you really need muscles for this!

Dean: No seriously! Even your dad loves it. You should learn how to make it. If there’s something you liked a lot, I’d gladly learn how to make it!

Me: I like Chanel bags. I don’t see you taking courses to make them.