drama king

September 2, 2009

My sister BBM-ed me saying she was at the hospital because my 3-year-old\’a0nephew was not well.

He had swollen eyes and lips that were getting bigger and bigger each minute.

She sent me pictures of him and I was so worried looking at him, all red and swollen and crying.

The whole house went frantic.

My sister called my brother in law. My sister called Mom. Mom called Dad. Dad called me. I called Mom. Mom called my sister. My sister called me. I called Dad.

Nobody called Opah and she got mad when she found out.

All of us were on our toes and clutching our phones for any updates from the doctor.

It turned out he got bitten by a bug, but everything is fine and we needn’t worry.

But still, since he is the darling of the family (ok fine, and Little Niece too), we wanted to see him and hug him and love him and buy him toys and tell him everything’s going to be ok.

So, during lunchtime, I made my sister pick me up from the office on her way back from the hospital.

Little Nephew was with her.

Eyes and lips taking over his face, but he was active and smiley by now.

He looked at me and gave me a please-kesian-me face.

Maksu…..Aman bwoken,” he announced, arms out for me to hug him.

I hugged him and laughed at how he thinks he’s “broken”.

Arrived home and he ran to Opah, his great-grandma who he calls Nyang.

Nyang….Aman nak peng-san,” he slouched his body and glued himself to the bed.

I wonder where he got this drama queen attitude.

*looks at Sister*