first paycheck

September 4, 2009

Work has been crazy this week.

I’ve been so occupied during office hours. And when I get home, I break fast with family and go to the mosque for tarawih prayers. By the time I get back, I’m so tired, but because I’m stubborn, I still want to read my chic-lits until early morning. I’ll get a couple hours of sleep before I have to wake up for sahur to eat.

So my sleep has been very much disturbed and I’m not the loveliest person to be around.

As weird as it sounds, I’m loving this busy-ness. Every night I feel my day has been productive and it makes me feel somewhat happy inside.

God, who have I become?!

Anyway, there are some happy moments in the office this week.

I stocked up my room with candy.


It’s supposed to be for people who come to see me. But let’s face it, no one comes to see me. Haha. So all of them end up going into my tummy and lodge themselves onto my thighs. Now it’s fasting month, so I should start thinking of hiding it, for my grumbling tummy’s sake.

I got a brand-new printer yesterday! I am such a sucker for new things, so I got excited even with a printer. Not hard to please me, really.


Now, if only I can figure out how to install it.


And last, but not least, I GOT MY FIRST PAYCHECK TODAY!!!

L1090353I was super excited, taking pictures of it.

But the excitement stopped when I opened it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Did they accidentally give me another person’s paycheck? The office-boy, maybe?

I searched for my name. There it was.

Hmm…this isn’t right. Did we hire a new tea-lady with the same name as me?

After my jaws rose from the floor back to its normal position, I thought to myself, “Damn.\’a0This isn’t what a law graduate from LSE expects to earn!

I complained to my dad, and he just laughed. “No, there isn’t any mistake. I want you to start from the bottom and understand how hard people have to work to earn money. You have to know the value of money before you can appreciate things. You can’t expect to have it easy just because you work with your father.

Erm, I don’t mean to be rude, but WHATTT ON EARTH ARE YOU ON?? It all sounds German to me.

My dad just smiled, “Be patient. Work hard and you’ll get there. I thought they told you how much you were going to earn.

Umm….when did they….when did we…when did I agree to this absurdity?!

I guess you better hug your Chanel bags to sleep because you’re not getting a new one for a looongg time.”

Yeah. Add insult to injury, why don’t you?



As if today was Let’s-Upset-Me day, my credit card bills decided to fling themselves onto my desk.

L1090235My pay won’t even cover half of my statements.

I wonder if I can get a 6-month advance.

This is so depressing, I better buy myself something pretty to cheer me up.

And just for your sympathy (or satisfaction, whichever you please), I’m working tomorrow.

On a Saturday.