industrialised building system

September 14, 2009

The conventional method of construction is that everything is done on site; the framework, the floors, the hacking of electrical points etc. The not-so-good parts of that; it doesn’t guarantee a straight and neat wall, it takes longer, the site is messier, it produces a lot of wastage (e.g. these wood planks), it uses a lot of mortar in between the red bricks to hold it together, and many others.



Even the government thinks so. Recently, the Malaysian government has changed its approach in construction. From now on, all government projects have to comply with 70% IBS components.

Which is amazing for our company which is the only Malaysian company that produces both IBS wall (blocks and bricks) and IBS flooring/ceiling (slabs). Kind of like a one-stop center.

Let me introduce the blocks to you.




As you can see, it’s exactly like Lego.

We just stack them up and because they have tongue-and-groove, they lock themselves together. Because of this, we use less mortar and we save the developer’s cost on that. Other costs we can save are; labour (the job is so easy and so fast that only 1 or 2 workers are needed in a section), time (we can build a complete house in 2 months, therefore saving fixed costs), wastage, framework (we don’t need any framework at all), and plastering (because it’s so straight, you don’t need to patch up any defects), to name a few.

If you like the vintage look, you can even leave it like that, unpainted.

And as you can see, the site is also very clean and not messy.

Then, we have the slabs.





The conventional method requires that we do everything on site. Pour concrete, put all the steel bars, wait a few days for it to form strong bonds and dry. It’s a messy and tedious process.

The IBS system means that we do all these things in the factory, and just transport the concrete planks to the site and lay them.

Our slabs are prestressed slabs, which means that we have prestressed wires running along the concrete planks to create strong bonds. Because it’s prestressed, it produces\’a0even greater strength.

The benefits are obvious; cleaner, easier, faster (we can finish one floor in 2 days), better quality.

When we marry these 2 products, we create an efficient tool to build houses/schools/apartments/offices. My dad likes to call it BCF.

B for better quality.

C for competitive price.

F for faster.

The government (or any developer for that matter) would want their project to complete fast and “cheap”, but at the same time with better quality and safety.

We’ve come up with the solution. We can complete projects 3-4 times faster than conventional method.

And it’s so simple, I can’t believe we didn’t think of it earlier.

The end.

OMG I just gave you a mini presentation…Gahhh so proud of myself heee 😀 *flips hair, blows nails.*