opah’s sleepover

September 30, 2009

My mom has a dragonfruit farm and it’s so peaceful and calm there, the opposite of busy and lively KL town. So, naturally, Opah loves to go there to get in touch with nature and eat dragonfruit.

She slept over there for 3 days and I was pretty much moody the whole time without her.
Her bed was empty, her clothes weren’t hung outside, her voice didn’t echo into the kitchen, she wasn’t calling my name. The house felt so…empty.

I’m very close to both my grandmothers. When my Tok passed away, I was heartbroken. I had a deja vu standing in Opah’s room looking at her empty bed, because it was exactly the same picture when Tok left us.

So I called Opah everyday and made sure she was alright. She was having so much fun with the people in the farm, she told me not to call her so often! Hehe.

She’s back home now and I’m happy again.

There she is again, on her bed, with paper bags consisting of her handy “tools” lined up along the side. Everything she needs is next to her! Her Quran, her comb, her hair pins, her toothpick, her sewing kit. She doesn’t understand the concept of side table.

Whatever it is, I had a little preview of what it would be like if she’s no longer here in the world….and it wasn’t a nice feeling. It’s good to have her back and I appreciate her even more now.