sleeping guard

September 17, 2009

My parents were away traveling for a couple of weeks, so I had to be in charge of the house.

I’m fine with handling the household things, but I get very worried about security.

I start thinking the worst things, and start devising plans on how to save Opah.

You’ve got to be prepared for the worst anyway.

It’s not uncommon for my neighbourhood to have security guards, and even build nice guardhouses for them to shelter under; in case it rains or they’re just tired from rounding the house over and over again.

But it is uncommon for them to have a guard like mine.


He works so hard taking care of our safety; it tires him like no other.

It’s hilarious sometimes.

We would come home from dinner and even flash the car lights at him, and he still wouldn’t wake up.

We would pick leaves to tickle his ears and he still wouldn’t wake up.

I bribe him with food some days, but I have a feeling it makes him sleep better.

I’m thinking of splashing a bucket of water at him.