snip snip

September 6, 2009

*This post is pretty bimbotic, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My hair is reaching my waist now, and it can be pretty heavy and dull.

But I still like it because I like long hair on girls, and it’s easy to curl it whenever I want.

But some party-poopers are on my case.

Dad: Your hair’s getting too long, darling.

Me: No, it’s not! *defensively*

Dad: OK, OK, it’s not.

But Toots just wouldn’t drop it.

Toots: Your hair’s sweeping the floor already.

Toots: Your hair’s too long, it’s ugly.

Toots: You hair’s boring.

Toots: Cut it. Now.

Toots: OMG, is THAT how you look without make-up?

(ok, I’m getting off-track here…)

Anyway, I decided to ignore them.

But yesterday my sister and I had a meeting at the factory.

Feeling unglamorous, we headed straight after to the salon for some hair TLC.

She had a function to go to, so she wanted to style her hair.

I, on the other hand, just wanted to cheer myself up over my paycheck.

We both agreed that we wanted wash and blow, and we would get out of there.

My stylist saw me and in a few minutes….
















He chopped off so much hair!!!

I was too busy reading magazines, so I didn’t know what he was doing. But I’ve been with him for a long time and I always trust his work.

But this time….WAAAHHH!!!

My hair’s gone and I can’t get it back without having to wait ages for it to grow!

They were clever enough to sweep the cut hair before I could see half my head on the floor, and cry even more.

My sister was there, telling me it’s not so bad bla bla bla…but I wasn’t listening to her.

I agreed to 2 inches!


IMG00013-20090905-1339My hair was THIS length before (*points to my waist*) and now it’s THIS length (*points 6 inches higher*)

It feels so weird….

But when I got home, I freshened up, changed clothes, washed face, and took a good look at my hair again.

I guess it’s not SOOOO bad.

It feels kinda nice and light.


And somehow it doesn’t look so short in this picture. Maybe it grew a bit in the car ride home. Or maybe it’s just the angle…because I swear it’s shorter than this in person.

Sigh…but I do miss my long hair… 🙁 I guess I’m sentimental like that.

But I guess I’ll be saving on hair products and maintenance!