two goodbyes in a day

September 19, 2009

Yesterday was a sad day of goodbyes.

My maid

She left for Indonesia to be with her family during Raya. I was preparing myself mentally for this (I am sooo clingy with her) and physically, too (made her cook me lots of nice stuff before she left).

The day before she left, she cooked massive pots of different dishes, divided them into several containers and put them in the freezer. She was so worried we’d all starve. We looked at the freezer full of our favourite dishes and told her we’ll be fine.

I sent her to the airport and so did Opah. She was adamant on coming along.

Me: But you don’t even send me, your own granddaughter to the airport when I leave the country?

Opah: You’ve never cooked for me.


When we got to the airport, they wouldn’t give us any wheelchair for Opah because she wasn’t a passenger. After a few winks and some insider help, they let us borrow it until we find a chair for Opah. So mean!!

In the end, Opah had to do this.


I was so pissed off that no one wanted to give up their comfy sofa chairs and no one even bothered to help her, so I looked for a chair from a restaurant and asked if I could borrow it for a while.

Poor lady had to sit in the middle of the airport like this, while people passed by giving her looks. So, I decided to give them more to look at. I sat down on the floor next to Opah. Hehe.

We just sat and talked while waiting for the maid to check in her luggage.

But seriously, it was so tiring for her to be lifted on and off chairs. From the carseat, to the wheelchair, off the wheelchair to a chair, off the chair to the wheelchair, off the wheelchair back to the carseat again. This is a real task for an 88-year old woman.

Stupid airline people didn’t use their heads, no consideration whatsoever for senior and disabled people. And the airport management should provide wheelchairs too and not just rely on individual airlines to do so.

Anyway, my maid left and I was so sad. We hugged for a long time, making a scene in front of the departure area (as if people weren’t looking at us enough with Opah and all).

As I saw her walk away, I felt a tear roll down.

‘What am I going to eat now? How am I going to live without her?’

She looked back at me, and I saw her sad face, wiping her tear too.

‘What is she going to eat? How is she going to live without me?’ is probably what she was thinking.


As always, every year Toots spends her Raya in her dad’s hometown, while I spend my Raya in KL. We’ve never celebrated Raya together, but we always make it a point to see each other to pre-celebrate before she goes back.

But this is the first year that we’ve both started working, so our times aren’t as flexible as before.

Yesterday, she took the LRT from work and her driver would pick her up from the station and straight to the airport for her flight.

So, I promised to meet her at the LRT station at 4pm for a 2-minute update and kisses and hugs.

Toots: I’m leaving for the LRT now. Leave the office now.

I left the office shortly after.

Toots: I’m here already. Where are you??

Me: On the way, on the way! I’ll be there in less than 5 minutes.

Toots: OK, I’ll wait. Hurry!

My driver sped like crazy and soon, we were near the LRT station.

Me: OK, where are you?

Toots: I’m here. I don’t see you!

Me: I don’t see you either.

Toots: Are you at the Hilton side?

Me: What!??!! Are you not in LRT Bangsar?

Toots: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’m in LRT KL Sentral. There’s other LRT stations besides Bangsar, OK….

Me: WHAATTT?!! Why didn’t you tell me?!!

Toots: I thought you knew!!

Me:  I don’t have a camera on you. How on earth would I know?!!

Toots: I don’t know!!

After we realised we wouldn’t be seeing each other this year,



After a lot of ‘OMG‘s and ‘No‘s and ‘This-is-all-your-fault‘s, we decided we’ll just Skype on Raya day. Me and her, thousands of miles away.


It was hilarious that none of us bothered to specify which LRT station we were going to. I assumed that it would be Bangsar because that’s the only LRT station I know! And she assumed I knew she would be at KL Sentral.

Me: Why on earth is your driver picking you up from KL Sentral when you can take the ERL straight to the airport?

Toots: I don’t know how it works. I’ve never done it before. I don’t want. I’m scared.

We’re both so sad we wouldn’t be Raya-ing with each other, asking for forgiveness and all that sentimental stuff. But I promised to see her for lunch in her office when she comes back. In our Raya clothes and bring Raya cookies and Raya cards and shake hands and all the works.

Never mind the looks we’ll be getting that day when everyone else has come out of Raya mode.