bags vs brains

October 10, 2009

I like jewel-encrusted things. Or stuff with beadings. (Or diamond-encrusted things…whatever, I’m not picky).

On bags, photo frames, phones, clothes and also clutches.


Like these Bvlgari cocktail clutches, especially the whitish greenish one on the bottom right. It’s so elegant and I just love the combination of colours.

But it’s really not-clever (insert suitable synonym here) to pay almost £4K for each of these undeniably beautiful things. That’s more than RM20K just for a bag.

I know it’s handmade and all bla bla bla, but the person who does my baju kurung in some dodgy shop next to the longkang there also does handmade beading but doesn’t rob me blind. And she does a splendid job!

So obviously you’re just paying for the Bvlgari name, making him and his grandkids richer and snobbier, and you and your grandkids poorer and sadder…(except the upside is that you get to have this gorgeous clutch…sleep on it, eat in it, sit on it, talk to it, live with it)

There are so many things that I bought in my lifetime that I regret buying. As I’m growing up, I’m starting to see the value of things and whether or not it’s worth my (or my dad’s) arm and leg. I know that even if I had the money to buy this clutch, I wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t be able to justify spending that much on something, when I could buy a car or a put a downpayment on a house with that money!

And a clutch, seriously?! Not many would even know it’s expensive, let alone that it’s Bvlgari. And honestly, how many dinners can I go to wearing this clutch all the time?

I’m growing up, aren’t I? *pats self on back*