beating the traffic

October 8, 2009

Jakarta is known for many things; nasi padang, shopping malls, nice people, lavish weddings, beautiful and stylish ladies (all owning at least one Birkin), and the most popular of all; the terrible terrible traffic jam.

It’s unavoidable in big cities, and Jakarta (a city that has the population of the whole of Malaysia) is not an exception to the frustrating traffic. If you asked me to drive in Jakarta, I would just sit in one corner, hug my knees and shake my head non-stop. Probably cry a little.

I was very lucky that this trip, we were escorted by the police. No, we didn’t steal anything or murdered anyone. Pftt. This was the good kind of escort. I felt like such a VIP, it was such a cool experience!

I was so jakun, I took a few pictures.




The police car had a siren and everyone was so nice to give way for us. Well, I guess if I had the annoying siren sound blasting in my ear, I would move too.

One car tried to trail the police escort and the police took this as a serious offence. The car got stopped by the side of the road and I’m not sure what happened after that.


We got to our destination safe and sound, and fast too!

The policemen came out of the car and escorted us like bodyguards. My god, if only I brought my sunglasses and feather boa and maybe my toy tiara from 10 years ago. Now, where’s that gold-encrusted umbrella I left lying around?


But seriously, the policemen were very serious in their work, but they were such nice people too!

They smiled and joked when I talked to them, not like arrogant policemen who don’t answer you if you ask them questions or don’t even move even if you tickle their ear.


Eh, they were tall ok!!

And I can confirm the “policemen and donut” relationship. Well…for one of them anyway.

Clearly I looked really uncomfortable here. I mean, come on….they were real policemen! They probably have guns underneath their hats. I really don’t want to get arrested for I dunno…breathing too loudly, or crossing the street without looking or anything major like that! Cringe. Was on my best behaviour!

I had a fruitful and productive (and tiring too!) time in Jakarta. I’m back in my beautiful hometown KL now, and as much fun as I had in Jakarta, it’s good to be back! 🙂